The corporation aims at consolidating the natural water resource in various regions and cities of the Kingdom where there are severe fresh water shortages, through the process of desalination.
The corporation is also habilitated to produce electric power as a by-product depending on economic and technical needs.
This is carried out in accordance with a comprehensive plan devised by the corporation and approved by the Council of Ministers.
The desalination of water, in addition to the production of electricity, represents the most important objectives of the development plans envisaged by the corporation. One of the main strategic goals for the implementation of these plans is to build a number of desalination plants, along with support facilities in regions suffering from shortages of fresh water supplies, based on the outcomes of technical feasibility studies.


The Environment and occupational health department – Ministry of Health, Jeddah

The department of Environmental and occupational health includes three technical divisions, namely:

  1. Division of Environment  2. Division of Occupational Health  3. Division of infection control

Functional activities of the Department of Environment and Occupational Health:

  • Water, food and air safety control: This includes a variety of programs, a water quality monitoring program, the program of food safety, air safety program and chemical and pharmaceutical safety.
  • Monitoring environmental sanitation, which is done by staff with the department of environmental health in all government health centres that cover the area of Jeddah. Their environmental sanitation activities include health facilities, schools and prisons, long-term care centres and mosques, as well as monitoring the water quality and food safety, and waste disposal in co-ordination with municipalities and commissions and other relevant authorities within each health centre area.
  • Administration is involved in a range of committees, concerned with the environmental issues that have a direct role in influencing the health of citizens and the environment and its food, a Committee for the Prevention of watering farms with sewage, a monitoring committee of stone crushing units , monitoring committee of narcotic substances incineration, monitoring committee of trading of pesticides and others.
  • Radiation protection program, quality and measurement: This is an acitivity of Occupational health Department. It is concerned with Preventive and regulatory role for the protection of the workers exposed to radiation. Also, management of radiation leakage and disposal of radioactive materials.
  • Clinic staff program: Its one of the activities of the department of occupational health and it is concerned with health of MOH employees at all level.
  • Managing the disposal of biomedical waste, which has significant health and environmental impacts. It is one of the infection control division activities in addition to sterilization and prevention of nosocomial infections.
  • The Infection Control division is also concerned with needle prick injuries program and all related procedures.


The Saudi Society for environmental science (SSENS) is one of the scientific, non-profit societies that were established in 2006 in King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as per the resolution of King Abdulaziz University’s Council in order to level up the environmental sciences and develop the scientific thought in fields of environment. This Association came as well to spread up the environmental awareness and facilitate the means of communication and experience exchange among the concerned experts. That is beside its potential role in providing any theoretical and empirical scientific consultancies in this important field of environment to the many of fields of development in Saudi Arabia.

The Goals:

SSENS aims at:

  1. Developing the scientific thought in field of environment, and working on the activation and dissemination of it.
  2. Attaining the real scientific and professional communication among the Association’s members.
  3. Providing the theoretical and practical scientific consultations in field of environment.
  4. Encouraging the use of Arabic language in fields and activities of environment.
  5. Leveling up the scientific and professional performance of the Association’s members.
  6. Facilitating the dissemination and exchange of scientific production and thought within the Association’s areas of interest among the concerned authorities and institutions at home and abroad.





In its full form, RECSO stands for the Regional Clean Sea Organisation. As the title clearly indicates, RECSO is an oil industry co-operative organisation functioning on the concept of “mutual aid”.

RECSO was officially set up in 1972 by 13 founder members. The oil companies in the region at that time recognized a need for collective response to major oil pollution incidents and thus came together to achieve a common objective – protecting the Gulf’s resources from oil pollution.

In addition to arrangements for mutual aid in times of oil spill emergencies, provision was also made for reimbursement of costs incurred by member companies in responding to oil spills originating from another member’s installation or facilities.

Today, though the original objective of the organisation – oil spill response through mutual aid – remains the same, the circumstances in which the oil industry operations are conducted these days are significantly different from the conditions that prevailed in the period from 1972 to 1990. It was against this changed background that RECSO has had to expand its activities in a more pro-active direction.

Registered as a Not for Profit Company in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the Clean Energy Business Council is the pre-eminent organization representing the private sector involved in the clean energy sector across the MENA region. Our goal is to establish a dialogue between the public and private sectors to drive the development of appropriate and much needed regulation and policy to support the development of this vital sector. If your Company’s goal is to be a leader in the clean energy sector anywhere in the MENA region then becoming a member of the CEBC is likely to be for you.