Ma’aden’s values are formulated to strengthen the company’s culture and foster the growth of those positive elements that will help Ma’aden in its development as it looks to establish itself as a successful and profitable mining company, with a world class reputation for operational efficiency, sustainable development and regards for social and environmental issues.

Ma’aden is committed to openness, transparency, and honesty in its dealings with shareholders, employees and partners. This is done through keeping them aware of its objectives, goals, and businesses.

  • Integrity – Honesty, integrity and highest ethical standards in our relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • Care – Sustained care and fairness for our people, the communities we touch and the environments we operate in.
  • Teamwork – Communication and collaboration with each other across the company and with partners to achieve success.
  • Ownership – Personal responsibility and empowerment of others for quality results in pursuit of our collective goals.