The Saudi Society for environmental science (SSENS) is one of the scientific, non-profit societies that were established in 2006 in King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as per the resolution of King Abdulaziz University’s Council in order to level up the environmental sciences and develop the scientific thought in fields of environment. This Association came as well to spread up the environmental awareness and facilitate the means of communication and experience exchange among the concerned experts. That is beside its potential role in providing any theoretical and empirical scientific consultancies in this important field of environment to the many of fields of development in Saudi Arabia.

The Goals:

SSENS aims at:

  1. Developing the scientific thought in field of environment, and working on the activation and dissemination of it.
  2. Attaining the real scientific and professional communication among the Association’s members.
  3. Providing the theoretical and practical scientific consultations in field of environment.
  4. Encouraging the use of Arabic language in fields and activities of environment.
  5. Leveling up the scientific and professional performance of the Association’s members.
  6. Facilitating the dissemination and exchange of scientific production and thought within the Association’s areas of interest among the concerned authorities and institutions at home and abroad.