Ministry of Health

The Environment and occupational health department – Ministry of Health, Jeddah

The department of Environmental and occupational health includes three technical divisions, namely:

  1. Division of Environment  2. Division of Occupational Health  3. Division of infection control

Functional activities of the Department of Environment and Occupational Health:

  • Water, food and air safety control: This includes a variety of programs, a water quality monitoring program, the program of food safety, air safety program and chemical and pharmaceutical safety.
  • Monitoring environmental sanitation, which is done by staff with the department of environmental health in all government health centres that cover the area of Jeddah. Their environmental sanitation activities include health facilities, schools and prisons, long-term care centres and mosques, as well as monitoring the water quality and food safety, and waste disposal in co-ordination with municipalities and commissions and other relevant authorities within each health centre area.
  • Administration is involved in a range of committees, concerned with the environmental issues that have a direct role in influencing the health of citizens and the environment and its food, a Committee for the Prevention of watering farms with sewage, a monitoring committee of stone crushing units , monitoring committee of narcotic substances incineration, monitoring committee of trading of pesticides and others.
  • Radiation protection program, quality and measurement: This is an acitivity of Occupational health Department. It is concerned with Preventive and regulatory role for the protection of the workers exposed to radiation. Also, management of radiation leakage and disposal of radioactive materials.
  • Clinic staff program: Its one of the activities of the department of occupational health and it is concerned with health of MOH employees at all level.
  • Managing the disposal of biomedical waste, which has significant health and environmental impacts. It is one of the infection control division activities in addition to sterilization and prevention of nosocomial infections.
  • The Infection Control division is also concerned with needle prick injuries program and all related procedures.