Dr. Entissar  AlSuhaibani  is Associate Professor  of Cytogenetic  at King Saud University. Her  research interest  is  the cytogenetic effect of radiation.  She is involved in many research projects  founded  by  many research institutions. In 2010 she was  awarded as a Fellow for the 2010 L’Oreal UNESCO Pan Arab Regional Fellowships.

She presented and participated  in the various  regional and  international scientific conferences. AlSuhaibani received gold and  silver medals from different international expiations for the patent of the Invention of the Sister Chromatid Exchange staining SCE staining. She involved in many community activities to encourage Saudi females to engage in science field. Also, she is member of international and local scientific  societies.

Tanzeed Alam is the Policy Director for EWS-WWF. In his role, he develops the strategic direction and vision for the organisation’s policy engagement. The policy unit was set up in October 2010 with the aim of influencing government and business policy and practice in the UAE and region by providing science-based policy advice in biodiversity conservation, ecological footprint and climate change. Tanzeed manages EWS-WWF’s policy engagement with public and private sectors, providing leadership, vision and strategic direction for the organization as a whole.  The unit is currently focusing on three key areas: 1) The UAE Ecological Footprint Initiative, where EWS-WWF is providing policy advice to the UAE government on how best to reduce its footprint; 2) The ‘Heroes of the UAE private sector programme’, where companies are being helped to reduce their carbon footprint by conserving energy and water; 3) Providing strategic advice to government agencies on policy visions and strategies specifically related to energy, water, climate change and biodiversity.

Omar N. Al-Midani joined Beatona in June of 2011 in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to this, Omar was the VP Business Development for a large Saudi Construction and Industrial Services Company. He is a graduate of the John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada and holds an Honors Degree in Finance. His experience and exposure drives him best in strategic forward-planning; operating within the financial disciplines; methodical administration to deadlines and the application of modern leadership methods.

Dr. Fadi M. Trabzuni is Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at Cristal Global, a leading producer of Titanium chemicals world wide.  In this position and in coordination with the global management team, Dr Fadi leads the execution of key business and strategic projects.

From 2005-2009, Dr Fadi worked as Vice President, Operations and Technology, Yanbu Plant – the largest production facility within Cristal Global – he managed all plant divisions and support services achieving best production and safety records and receiving the chairman award on safety most improved site in 2008. In 2007, Yanbu plant was rated as the most effective and lowest cost operations world wide for the production of Titanium Dioxide. Dr Fadi has led design and execution of key projects using novel technologies that have created an added value to the Titanium chain industry.

From 2002-2005, as Vice President, Technology Research and Development, Yanbu Plant, Cristal Global, he was a member of the Executive Steering Body (EvSB) leading and responsible for establishing the R&D center for Cristal Arabia. He participated in the development of Cristal Arabia technology strategy through the execution of key process and product development projects in line with the corporate efforts to enhance competitiveness and revenue.

Prior to joining Cristal Global, Dr. Fadi has worked from 1994 to 2001 in SABIC R&D managing process development activities in SABIC and its affiliates delivering major breakthrough innovations in various product and process technologies.

From 1993-1994 he was with Tasnee – one of the largest Saudi industrial companies as Project Engineer.  He joined and participated in various techno economical studies for chemical projects as part of the industrialization development policy of Tasnee.

Dr. Fadi holds a number of granted patents in the field of chemical and petrochemical industries. He holds a Bachelor and Master degrees in Science of Chemical Engineering from King Saud University and a PhD in Design and Technology from Bradford University in the United Kingdom. Dr Fadi has received Cristal Global recognition and a gold medal in Geneva international exhibition for inventors in 2011.

Dr. Saito Ari is Director Overseas Department at Sanko Sangyo Co., Ltd. Japan, with the responsibility for business management, business planning and marketing. He also serves as the Head of Research & Development Department with the responsibility for product development, quality control and also to monitor research projects and their data compilation. He has over 16 years of practical experience in Saion-EM Biotechnology applications, i.e. in the area of Industrial (Petroleum) Waste Bioremediation & Management, Reclamation of Contaminated Soils, Treatment of Contaminated and Polluted Air, Water & Land, Protection & Improvement of Marine, Animal and Human Health, Improvement of Agricultural Practices Organic and Conventional both, Protection of Environment to achieve Zero-emission through Saion-EM Biotechnology. Dr. Saito has worked with UNIDO, Multinational companies, Governmental and Private Institutes, Educational Institutes, NGOs and NPOs, to promote and launch this result oriented biotechnology, so that the benefits can be shared between all these sectors.

Hayfa Abuzabibah  is the  Head of Sustainability & Business Excellence Department in The National Commercial Bank – the largest bank in Saudi Arabia and a leading financial services group in the region. She  was appointed to this position in June 2010.

Hayfa completed her Bachelor degree in Sociology in 1996 from California State University, Los Angeles. She also completed a number of training programs, including Strategic Sustainability, Coaching certification from Strathclyde Business School, and Executive Program at  INSEAD, Singapore.

She  joined NCB in 2006, and  was appointed  Head of Performance Management in 2007,  to lead,  design and execute implementation of Performance Management System, which included defining rating scheme, training managers, and enhancing linkages between performance and other HR processes such as  rewards and development.  In 2010, she  was promoted to the position of Head of Sustainability Department to integrate sustainability principles into day-to-day activities in the organization through systems-thinking and collaborating across boundaries.

In her current role, Hayfa is responsible for being the catalyst for driving Sustainability at NCB through our engagement model with our stakeholders, which includes environment, employees, customers, and business partners.  And is the custodian of Sustainability Report at NCB.   Moreover,  Hayfa is in charge of  raising awareness through extensive communication, highlighting sustainability benefits and supporting  businesses in developing viable solutions.

Mr. Badr bin Obaid Bedeiwi holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the College of Architecture and Planning, King Saud University.  In 1986 Eng. Badawi joined Riyadh Public Administration Studies and Designs. In 1998 Eng Badr was appointed as a Director of Public Land Management Issues of Land and Property and in 2001 as a Director of Planning and Coordination. In 2007 Eng. Badr bin Obaid Bedeiwi became a Director General of Social Services. Since 2012 Eng. Badr serves as an Assistant Undersecretary of Riyadh Municipality Services.

Past jobs :

1- Secretary General to the Supreme commission for Industrial Security

2 – advisor to the Director General of The Coast Guards

3 – Assistant of the commander of the coast Guards

4-  Director general – Saudi Advanced Explosive Company

Mr. Syed Walad Alhadrami has 28 years of experience in finance for development and investment, acquired through a variety of positions, fulfilled via the financial management of public institutions:commercial and Islamic banks included preparation of tenders and the economic feasibility of development projects and investment management, evaluation at the local level, the national Arab cooperation projects, regional and international small, medium, and larger ones.

Mr. Sayed was a resident representative of the Islamic Development Bank in Mauritania, adviser Islamic Development Bank in Mauritania,and held a number of other execute positions in the Gulf Region.
From May 2010 and up to date Mr. Sayed holds the position of the Secretary-General of the Arab Organization for Tourism – the League of Arab States – Secretariat Saudi Arabia Jeddah.

Mr. François Canellas is a French Executive Businessman. Civil Engineer of Marine Engineering he holds degrees from the French National School of Marine Engineering; he also holds a master’s degree in Economics Sciences. Mr. Canellas spent most of his career at CNIM in various management and executive positions. Under his leadership CNIM became over the years one of the leading players in the field of waste treatment. Mr Canellas also initiated new industrial activities in the field of mechanics and thermal, accelerating by the same time the reorganization, the development and consequently the autonomy of the Group. Appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer until 1997 he reached the position of CNIM’s Chief Executive Officer and participated in the international development of the Group. In 2006 he was appointed Vice President of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Member of the Strategy Committee.