Prof. Dr. Mamdouh F. Abdel-Sabour

Head of Environmental Consultancy Department
Saudi Asma Environmental Solutions (SAES)

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh has more than 36 years working experience, ranging from teaching, researching and professional consulting experience in the environmental field. In particular, his professional experience covers Environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies for major industrial and development projects; soil bioremediation and landfill reclamation.

He held several key research positions in Nuclear Research Center, Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt before joining the Government and Private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) since 2007 (PME and SAES).

His specific areas of focus include: Utilization and management of waste and potentially hazardous materials in agriculture land; fate and behavior of pollutants in soil and water systems; mechanisms involved in fractionation, mobility and availability of nutrients and heavy metals in soils; wastewater treatment to produce recycled quality water; Bioremediation of polluted sites and landfill reclamation.

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