Miguel Marín Bedoya

Ros Roca envirotec

Miguel Marin Bedoya was born in 1966 in Malaga (Spain), holds an industrial engineering Degree by the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid). Marin furthered his studies in 1990 at Marquette University in Wisconsin (USA) where he made several specialization courses in Business Application. Miguel Marin has developed his work in several leading companies, holding positions of responsibility in many of them, among these include his position as CEO of Mediterrània d’Enginyeria; an engineering company specialized in industrial processes. Previously, he was CEO of FLS Airtech, a company dedicated to the sale, manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment for filtration and gas cleaning industries. He got remarkable experience in international projects development both public and private companies in the order of Isolux Group, Schenck or ABB.

Today Miguel Marin Bedoya is the CEO of Ros Roca envirotec, which focuses its activities in the design, construction and commissioning of waste treatment plants with its own technology: transfer stations, sorting, composting, anaerobic digestion, biogas upgrading, slurry treatment, agricultural biogas plants, biomass plants as well as waste to energy. In addition, Ros Roca has developed a technology for automated waste collection systems for big developments as well as small installations for hospitals, airports, markets and residential buildings. Ros Roca envirotec is one of the leaders providing technologies related to waste treatment and waste transportation and it holds a huge number of references in such field.

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