Dr. Saito Ari

Director Overseas Department
Sanko Sangyo Co., Ltd. Japan

Dr. Saito Ari is Director Overseas Department at Sanko Sangyo Co., Ltd. Japan, with the responsibility for business management, business planning and marketing. He also serves as the Head of Research & Development Department with the responsibility for product development, quality control and also to monitor research projects and their data compilation. He has over 16 years of practical experience in Saion-EM Biotechnology applications, i.e. in the area of Industrial (Petroleum) Waste Bioremediation & Management, Reclamation of Contaminated Soils, Treatment of Contaminated and Polluted Air, Water & Land, Protection & Improvement of Marine, Animal and Human Health, Improvement of Agricultural Practices Organic and Conventional both, Protection of Environment to achieve Zero-emission through Saion-EM Biotechnology. Dr. Saito has worked with UNIDO, Multinational companies, Governmental and Private Institutes, Educational Institutes, NGOs and NPOs, to promote and launch this result oriented biotechnology, so that the benefits can be shared between all these sectors.

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