Dr. Mohsen Atouf

GTSD, Central Generation Sector
Saudi Electricity Company

Dr Mohsen has a Ph.D. In Mechanical Engineering from the National institute of Applied Sciences ( INSA of Lyon), France,1993 and a Bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering, from the Tunis Engineering  School in Tunisia 1987.

Dr Mohsen has a range of professional experience and since 2005 Dr Mohsen has been a Environment group leader in Quality and Performance Department, Generation Sector- SEC (Saudi Electricity Company) and an Auditor in the Qualification Group-Quality and Performance Department, SEC company. From 1999-2005 Dr Mohsen was a training Expert in SEC Training Institute and Supervisor of curriculum implementation in  SEC  Training Institute. From 1995-1999Dr Mohsen worked as an expert engineer in Tunisia National Electricity company(STEG) and assistant professor in Engineering High School of MEJZ (Tunisia). Courses: Electrical machines.

Dr Mohsen has numerous Certifications from ETMA, honors and SEC team leadership awards, and also has 4 publications regarding the Mechanical Behavior of Timing Belt Drive (HTD), during the period: 1991 to 1993 at the National institute of Applied Sciences (INSA of Lyon), France.

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