Dr. John P. Fillo CPEA

Principal Consultant
Trinity Environmental Consultancy International, SPC

Dr. Fillo has over 35 years of experience in environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance and risk management, and business/financial and strategy consulting. He specializes in the assessment, design and improvement of internal controls, procedures and systems for effective compliance, risk and liability management; performance management and improvement; climate change, energy and sustainable business; and training program development and deployment.

His consulting experience spans the globe, including North America, South America, Europe, Russia, China, the Philippines,  and the Middle East, and in many industry sectors, with a career emphasis in energy. His experience base with the oil and gas industry is extensive, with core expertise in produced water and associated wastes management, and recent work with GCC companies developing greenhouse gas (GHG) strategy and programs, multi-media environmental management, and assessing opportunities for GHG mitigation and energy management.

Dr. Fillo is a Principal Consultant with Trinity Consultants Inc. in their GCC business based in Doha, Qatar. He is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor through the Board of EHS Auditor Certifications and is a Lead Assessor in ANSI’s GHG accreditation program. He is extensively published and a frequent invited speaker on topics in EHS and business management, as well as sustainability and climate change. He received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University.

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