Dr. Entissar S. Al Suhaibani

Associate Professor of Cytogenetic
King Saud University

Dr. Entissar  AlSuhaibani  is Associate Professor  of Cytogenetic  at King Saud University. Her  research interest  is  the cytogenetic effect of radiation.  She is involved in many research projects  founded  by  many research institutions. In 2010 she was  awarded as a Fellow for the 2010 L’Oreal UNESCO Pan Arab Regional Fellowships.

She presented and participated  in the various  regional and  international scientific conferences. AlSuhaibani received gold and  silver medals from different international expiations for the patent of the Invention of the Sister Chromatid Exchange staining SCE staining. She involved in many community activities to encourage Saudi females to engage in science field. Also, she is member of international and local scientific  societies.

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