Dr. Azza Morssy

Chief, Middle East and Arab Programme, Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division

Dr. Morssy has a Master of Chemical Engineering in Corrosion of Lead Tin Alloys & Inhibitors from Alexandria University affiliated jointly with Purdue Universityand her PhD from Alexandria University affiliated jointly with Sheffield University.

–  As Director in Philips International delivered numerous policy and technical reports to the factory, the government, and the concerned stakeholders in the fields of institutional capacity  building, enhanced global trade, quality standardsand small business finance, project development finance, and dissemination streamlining of international cooperation.

–  Applied  ISO InternationalStandards in Philips factoriesand ensured that products  and services  were safe, reliableand of good quality, and increasing productivity. She helped companies to access new markets, and facilitated free and fair global trade.

–   Awarded by Philips Holland Best Regional Scientific Contribution of the 1995 Year. –  An active member of  the  research community and published locally and internationally. Other areas of work are in academia, where she lectured in environmental engineering,  Energy efficiency, and Eco -efficiency industrial application for global markets access.

–  Lectured at the American University in Cairo, and , the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and others –  From 1984-1986 worked as Assistant Professor in USA/ University of Maryland, School of Medicine.

–  UNIDO Achievements: –  She Joined UNIDO in 1996 as Senior Technical Adviser, and have managed and implemented a large portfolio of projects through her  fund mobilization activities.

–  Ms. Morssy, has a deep sense of professionalism, commitment and for the significant contribution she has made over the years in promoting the UNIDO initiative on “the Establishment of National Cleaner Production Centres, in African & Arab Regions “and fund mobilization activities Dr. Azza Morssy, Chief, Middle East and Arab Programme Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) E-mail :

–  Have developed several Manuals on Morocco CP experience,EMS, ISO 14001 and Manual for OHSA  on Occupational Health and Safety for Small and Medium Enterprises)  (For the African countries & applied in Uganda and  West Africa.)

–  Her main areas of expertise are: application of innovative technologies and sustainable production, petrochemicals, Green Industries and implementation across the international environmental agreements.  Implemented large portfolios of Projects. Most of her TC activities in UNIDO arerelated to the development and implementation of standalone projects addressing technological and economic issues in the industrial sector.

–  She has designed developed, implemented and monitored UNIDO’s programmes in different regions with special emphasis on the African & Arab regions. She has consistently  had very good and outstanding performance evaluations in her previous and current positions.

–  Her working experience includes integrated hazardous waste management, chemicals management, energy efficiency, and sustainable industrial resources management projects on global level –  Monitors global trends and best practices within the areas of specialization and proposes new initiatives or changes to ensure that the Organization’s practices reflect state-of-art approaches;

–  She published more  than 30 articles in journals, and conferences. And hold several degrees in business and Middle East studies.

–  She received several awards from the  European Business and the German Industry in 2006. She was granted several  times the UNIDO – DG Certificate for best performance. Received other awards by donor countries, governments and research intuitions –  Since she joined the Regional programmes and working as Chief, Middle East and Arab Programme, the main foucs for the region on Yourth employment and Inclusive Growth –  During her career, Dr. Morssy has consistently operated with the values of respect for diversity, professionalism and integrity. As aleader, she manages performance whilst empowering her team to deliver, and she is adecisive and creative manager.

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