AlSharif Khaled Al-Ghalib

Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Banking Sector
National Commercial Bank (Alahli)

AlSharif Khaled Al-Ghalib is a recognised figure in the banking industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has 25 years of extensive banking experience ranging across investment and commercial banking. An MBA graduate from the college of Notre Dame in 1985, he started from the Investment Services of Riyadh Bank in 1986 to become the Executive Vice President in charge of the Kingdom wide branch network. In 2000, he joined the National Commercial Bank (NCB), the largest bank in Saudi Arabia, where he is currently Senior Executive Vice President and Sector head of Individual Banking, Head of Retail Distribution, Head of Corporate banking. He oversees major divisions of the bank which includes Institutional Banking, Corporate Banking, Islamic Finance, Socialised Finance and Finance Restructuring.

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